@ChuckReynolds you are one of the greatest, most talented minds I have met. Not a robot, nope
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About Brent

I am a user experience and graphic designer, multimedia producer, event coordinator, project manager and creative director with more than 20 years experience. I love to build easy to use, well-designed web & mobile apps as well as developing visual branding, promotional collateral, including banners, brochures, landing pages, marketing packages, email campaigns, logos, style guides, wireframes and digital strategies. I am well-seasoned in the architecture and implementation of successful projects for high profile companies and people like Blue Cross Blue Shield, T-Mobile, Microsoft, LifeLock and many others. With a commitment to quality, great communication, collaboration, inspiring leadership and dedication to always raising the bar with every project, I know I am is a valuable asset to any company looking for a seasoned and inspirational UX/UI designer.