Dept of Energy

Girls of Energy

As a consultant on the Vexillum team, I was given nearly every design task associated with this project. We were to start with an idea and develop a full visual identity, scientist personas, curriculum and a full promotional website with an eBook to match to tie it all together.

  • Branding

The requirements for the brand on this project were interesting to say the least. Not only did the end client not know what to name it but had very little direction in how they wanted it to look. We helped them establish the name and develop a look for the logo that was simple, fun, intelligent and flexible.

  • User Experience

To give the clients an idea of how the site would be laid out, I started with wireframes that showed generally where items would be located on a page then turned them into interactive prototypes that they could navigate by clicking around to get a feel for some of the functionality. Wireframing and prototyping were an essential and vital step in the site design to help determine the scope of work remaining in the following design & development phases of the project.

  • User Interface


To establish a design style and direction, I spent some time researching colors, patterns and layouts in the same demographic space. Then I worked to develop a moodboard document explaining the inspiration and the direction I proposed we take for the project.

  • Responsive Design

  • Print Design